To take care of your Max CAPDEBARTHES creation and extend its life as much as possible, we recommend:
Avoid certain contacts and exposures

- Avoid exposure to the sun, contact with heat and water. The leathers we select are first waterproofed.

- Not to maintain prolonged contact with bleaching materials and substances.

- Pay attention to all everyday products likely to spill into your bag and stain it.

- Not to overload your bag causing premature wear of the handles.

Worrying about where to put your leather bag

Keep your leather bag in the Max Capdebarthes dust-bag offered to you upon purchase.

Getting into the habit of caring for your leather bag

- It is possible to use a nourishing leather cream, however, care must be taken to apply very little, especially on grained leather, since applying too much of it can leave residue and detract from the beauty of your piece of leather

- The ideal is to clean your bag with Marseille soap, rinse it with clean water using a sponge and dry with a dry cloth.